conducting observations with students and teachers at MTT

Overview: Monarch Teaching Technologies

Monarch Teaching Technologies, Inc. (MTT) provides VizZle, a web based curriculum with data tracking for students with special educational needs and individual education plans (IEP's).

Role:UX Design and Research

discovery done on this project analysis done on this project ideation done on this project prototyping done on this project testing done on this project
  • Competitive analysis
  • Subject matter expert interviews
  • Literature/publication review
  • Sketches
  • Prototyping
  • Classroom interviews/observation/testing

Partners and Stakeholders

  • Adam Noble: Director of Marketing & User Experience
  • Oliver Cullis: Director of Product
  • Mary Pat Martin: Product Specialist & Marketing Coordinator
  • Monarch Center for Autism

Challenge Space

  • Application over the file size limit for the app store
  • Matching activity accounted for 80% of usage
  • Visuals didn't match student's expectations for games
  • Better graphics also mean a bigger file size
  • Interviewing & observing children
  • Prototyping for an iPad app

Design Process

discover hexagon icon
  • Competitive analysis: ABC Mouse, iOS and Android games
  • SME interview with Mary Pat Martin
  • Literature review: An Alien's Guide to Multi-Adaptive Educational Computer Games
  • On-site interviews and observations at Monach Center for Autism
other matching game metnal models for kids
Mary Pat SME on Autism
"We do not allow a hotspot in the current matching game to have more than one correct answer. I would love to have multiple correct answers for the new matching game."

-Mary Pat, SME

an aliens an aliens guide to multiadaptive ed comp games
"Due to the dynamic nature of motivation, motivational interventions to keep the player engaged need to be adapted to the player's needs. Only a player who risks losing engagement should be provided with motivational adaptation to increase motivation again."

-Michael D. Kickmeier-Rust

observations and interviews conducted onsite at the Monarch School
analysis hexagon icon
  • Reviewed Apple's Human Interface Guidelines
  • Pulled analytics to determine which parts of the app we could remove
  • Crafted our hypothesis

We believe we can create a more engaging matching game that students will enjoy, and teachers can use to assess progress in a new way. We will measure student satisfaction and usability with interviews and observations in the classroom. In addition, we will monitor how teachers use the "how am I feeling" data to adjust IEPs.

analysis hexagon icon
  • Sketches
lo-fi sketch for UI layout and interaction lo-fi sketches from design partner Adam Noble
prototyping hexagon icon
  • Built a full game with Game Salad SDK
  • Deployed test game on an iPad
a full working game with touch, sounds, etc via game salad sdk four variations on the same game for testing
testing hexagon icon
  • Round 1
  • Three teachers
  • Six students ages 5-6
  • Round 2
  • Nine teachers
  • Five students ages 6-11
  • A: With sounds and video support before the answer
  • B: Same as "A" with drag and drop support and video
  • C: Animates in, play support media, one click to answer, refresh button to run again
  • B: Support media tabs, one click to answer
results and next steps with all process icons blended as a background
closer look at user feedback on whiteboard with post-it note stickiesS whiteboard all results from the varations being compared
  • Results
  • Winning design is a hybrid template of A and D
  • Support videos are seldom necessary
  • Students enjoyed the new UI and mechanics
  • Having the student identify how they feel after each session could be a game-chager
  • HotJar can not record HTML5 canvas screens
hotjar sreen with just movement and we can't see the actual ui
  • Next Steps
  • Remove support videos to reduce app file size
  • Continue field observations and feedback loop
  • Gather a larger set of data to analyze
  • Figure out how to record iPad test sessions
  • SME interviews on curriculum creation module